On fully automatic lines, we currently offer the filling of your product in aluminum cans of the sizes 250ml Slim, 330ml Sleek and 500ml in accordance to IFS quality standards.

We can fill both, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. Alcoholic products are also no problem for us. On request, in compliance with ORGANIC or HALAL standards.

The filled cans can be packed in trays of 12 or 24 cans each, depending on the order quantity. In addition, we offer 6-packs and customized trays. For details and additional options ask for an individual offer.

All cans are pasteurized after filling. Therefore, no chemical preservatives are required.

250.000 is the regular minimum order quantity to print your layout directly onto cans. These can get filled either at once or there is the option of ordering and paying 250.000 empty can bodies and get these filled in two production runs of 125.000 cans each. Remaining empty can bodies after the first filling run will be stored free of charge not longer than 6 months and must be filled during this period.


Filling of small product series on our micro-filling line

On our special micro-filling line we we offer fillings of 5.000 up to a maximum of 20.000 cans of the sizes 250ml Slim and 330ml Sleek, especially for test fillings These cans are labelled with high-quality labels in a second step after the filling process.